Managing Your Computer Disk Space

  • Managing Your Computer Disk Space
  • Windows running out of virtual memory (and causing the computer to slow down)
  • (in worst-case scenarios) experiencing the Blue Screen of Death or data loss.

As these issues can severely impact on your use of the computer, it is valuable to understand what can cause the available storage to fill up. And often it is a combination of things, rather than one particular aspect. Factors that can contribute to increased disk space usage include:

  • Cloud storage services like OneDrive and Dropbox
  • Phone backups
  • Large video files
  • Design software such as InDesign, that can generate large files
  • Effective Disk Space Management
  • Managing your disk space can be straightforward once you know how. Here are some tips:
  • OneDrive Management: In File Explorer, OneDrive offers an option to “free up space,” which removes local copies of files while keeping them available in the cloud.
  • Phone Backups: Often the primary cause of disk space issues, phone backups can be managed within the phone’s app or manually removed from the AppData directory.
  • At RJS Consultants, we provide guidance and support to help you manage these aspects efficiently.
  • Upgrade Options
  • If you frequently run out of disk space despite regular cleanups, upgrading your hard drive may be necessary. We at RJS Consultants can facilitate this by providing the necessary upgrade and transferring your files and folders to a new disk using disk cloning technology.
  • Adding a Second Hard Drive
  • While not our recommended solution, adding a second hard drive is another option that some users consider. Advertisements often highlight computers with a 1TB expansion disk. However, these drives are usually not set up for proper use out of the box. Users must configure their systems to store data on the expansion drive by changing the default save locations for Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Downloads from the primary (C:) drive to the data storage drive, typically labelled (D:).
  • RJS Consultants can assist you with this setup to ensure optimal use of your additional storage space.
  • For more information or assistance with disk space management and upgrades, please contact us at RJS Consultants. We are here to help you optimize your storage solutions and prevent potential issues related to insufficient disk space.

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