Who We Support

 RJS Consultants offer our support and services to all varieties of Small and Micro Businesses, Home Workers and Home Users.
The value with asking RJS Consultants to provide Computer and Technology Support is that it may only be required for a few hours each month, rather than employing somebody full time for this role. 
And taking somebody away from their business role and expecting them to know about the nuances of technology is always going to be a compromise that hurts the business.
Within the home environment, it is likely that there will only be a few calls (and sometimes even less) per year. Which is fine. As our client, you can have the confidence to just phone us for support if a problem arises.

Small Business

RJS Consultants have the skills and proven experience to provide bespoke and package services to enhance the business operations. 

This could be services like:
Strategic Review
Project Management
Database Creation
Data Analysis

We also offer our full range of Support Services, able to act as your IT department to Small Businesses.

Micro Business

RJS Consultants can acquire equipment and set it up in a standard way, and acquire the necessary software licenses that are required.

RJS Consultants can also liaise with vendors and arrange the acquisition and set up of the services.

This all enables you to focus on looking after your business. 

Home Worker

RJS Consultants can supplement your employer’s IT Support and assist you when working from home.

We are aware of the challenges that working at home can generate, and we can be the local support that sometimes is necessary.

Home User

Not only does RJS Consultants support business clients with their technology support, but we are also very happy to support home users.

It is just as critical that the home computer is working – some would say more critical!

Problems can be solved, advice and tuition can be give.n

Although we have highlighted the more common support features for each type of client, the reality is that all our services are available to everybody. It is just more likely that some services are going to be more common to some types of client.
For everybody, our Support is only a phone call away, and our target is to provide quality support to all our clients.  

Watford Office

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Tel – (0)1923 254302