Who We Support

 RJS Consultants offer our support and services to both Small and Micro Businesses, as well as to Home Workers and Home Users.
We know that people need IT services but don’t always have someone employed full time to help them. We fulfil that service, being only a phone call away. Our target is to provide exceptional support to all our clients. 
We recognise that different groups may have different needs, but in reality, all services are available to all groups. 

Small Business

We can offer consulting services, programme/interim management and strategic reviews.

We also offer a full range of IT Support Services, able to act as your IT department. 

Micro Business

We can liaise with vendors and manage the IT equipment on your behalf whilst you are busy looking after your business. 

We can order and install networks, computers and peripherals for you, as well as handling the industry specific software 


Home Worker

RJS Consultants can supplement your employer’s IT Support and assist you when working from home.

We are aware of the challenges that working at home can generate, and we can be the local support that sometimes is necessary.

Home User

Not only do we support business clients with their IT, but we are very happy to support home users.

It is just as critical that the home computer is working – some would say more critical!

Self Service

RJS Consultants also know that some people are mostly happy sorting out their own issues, and need only occasional support.

We can provide a service that allows people to purchase the hosting packages and software that they require, and will assist only when requested.

Watford Office

Hille Business Centre,
Centre Block, Ground Floor
132A St Albans Road, Watford
WD24 4AE

Tel – (0)1923 254302