RJS Consultants provide computer support and technology services to small (11 to 50 staff) and micro companies (1 to 9 staff) who do not have their own dedicated IT support staff. It is often forgotten (or not realised) that this group of companies make up over 99% of all companies in the UK. And over 95% are in the micro-company category*.

And yet these small and micro companies still require IT Support, and much the same functions as the larger companies do. It is just that many Support Organisations don’t want to deal with them.

Well, RJS Consultants do deal with these small and micro companies. 

If you are one of these companies, we WANT to work with you.

We recognise that you need to work on your business, and not spend time wrestling with the technology. We can do that for you. We enjoy doing it. And it frees up your time to do the more important business-related activities. A benefit to us both!

Essentially, we can look after all your technology, or just the parts that you want us to, although the more that we do, the less you have to.

The major benefits of our support are:

  • over the past 18 years we have built relationships with the major technology vendors so that we can liaise with them on your behalf.
  • it is rare that a technology problem will be unique to you. So the likelihood is that a problem that you are experiencing is one that we have seen before – and therefore we can fix it quickly.
  • As a small organisation ourselves, we can tailor our support to you to meet your requirements. We are flexible.

Please review the various sections of our website and speak to us on 01923-254302 or 01444-812412 and we will be delighted to see how we can deal with the technology challenges on your behalf.

RJS Consultants can help home workers to set up their home office to handle the combination of working at home and being in contact with the company office systems.

We can liaise with the company IT team (if there is one) to ensure that we provide the consistent technology environment that makes it easy and familiar to work with – and if there isn’t a company IT team, we can figure out how the office systems operate and suggest (and implement) a solution that makes it easy to connect to it from home.

This support can (as shown on the “Business” tab) liaise with the various vendors to ensure that your technology equipment at home (the broadband/the home network/the home computer) supports the way that you want to work.


Not only do we support business clients with their IT, but we are very happy to support home users.

  It is just as critical that the home computer is working – some would say more critical!

  • The children need the computer for their homework, facebook, twitter, music, games and perhaps doing some internet research (AND in the current home-schooling requirements, this is even more important)
  • Adults need the computer for their email, internet banking, recreation

The computer has become an integral part of the home – and when it isn’t working, it feels like you’ve been cut off from the world…..
So what can we cover?

We have long experience of resolving home computer problems, from viruses and spyware, to broadband and wireless connectivity problems. And speaking to remote call centres to sort out any problems at their end.

We also can help you with getting good value when you want to buy a new computer or add to your network at home. We only use good quality hardware and software, because we don’t want you to be coming back to us with complaints that things don’t work.

We want this to be a long term relationship, even if we don’t hear from you for many months because things are working well. That to us is a job well done.

RJS Consultants have a sister organisation “TCS-Hosting” through which you can set up your domains, web sites and email when you are confident about what you are doing and simply need the underlying foundations to be put in place.

Being a self-service organisation, the costs for the services provided are a little bit cheaper than when you get them through RJS Consultants, but you don’t get the support and hand-holding that RJS Consultants provide to its’ clients.

Why would you use TCS-Hosting instead of the many other providers of these services?

Well we like to think that there is a benefit to being able to call RJS Consultants, which is within the same umbrella organisation, if you experience any problems or questions that are more than simply a service issue and we can assist you.