RJS Consultants provide computer support and technology services in the Watford and surrounding areas – please see the box at the bottom of the page for a longer list of the areas that we cover – although this cannot be an exhaustive list. It is about a 15 mile radius from Watford.

Please review this area of our website through the links on the left to discover the range of services that we can provide to both small businesses and home users, or call us and we’ll be happy to explain them. We are also very happy to come to you and explain in more detail.

In particular, for clients who want more than just ad-hoc support, we can create a support agreement to match your requirements, whether that is hours/days per month, or proactive support on a per PC basis. More details on the relevant Support Agreement page. 

If you have an agreement for support based on a number of days per month (which we would recommend), we will also commit to be on your site within 48 hours of discussing your issue – and if we can get there sooner, we will.

With the latest technologies available, we would hope to be able to do a lot of support without having to come to your offices, and therefore be able to be more responsive, but that is not always possible.

We also will be flexible with the support agreement. If you over-run or under utilize our services one month, it can be compensated for in the following month. We understand and appreciate that IT is not an exact science that can rigidly cope with a fixed amount of support every month.

In short, we will do all we can to help you. Your success means that we are also successful – and so if we can be partners together, we can make a great team.

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Not only do we support business clients with their IT, but we are very happy to support home users.

  It is just as critical that the home computer is working – some would say more critical!

  • The children need the computer for their homework, facebook, twitter, music, games and perhaps doing some internet research
  • Adults need the computer for their email, internet banking, recreation

The computer has become an integral part of the home – and when it isn’t working, it feels like you’ve been cut off from the world…..
So what can we cover?

We have long experience of resolving home computer problems, from viruses and spyware, to broadband and wireless connectivity problems. And speaking to remote call centres to sort out any problems at their end.

We also can help you with getting good value when you want to buy a new computer or add to your network at home. We only use good quality hardware and software, because we don’t want you to be coming back to us with complaints that things don’t work.

We want this to be a long term relationship, even if we don’t hear from you for many months because things are working well. That to us is a job well done.

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