RJS Support Center

Remote Pc Support

  • Paid monthly in advance
  • Commitment is for 3 months on a rolling basis
  • Minimum 1 computer
  • Includes support of 1 handheld per computer
  • Equivalent of 3 remote support calls per computer per month
  • Reactive support
  • Flexible; “Just Call”; No checking how long support takes *
  • Same day (Mon to Fri) remote support
  • On-Site support at 15% reduction over “Ad Hoc Support”
  • Ideal for users who regularly need occasional “quick” help

Proactive Remote Pc Support

Same as “Remote Support” PLUS

  • Proactive support
  • One review per PC every 3 months
  • Proactive tracking of problems relevant to client
  • Includes one 1 hour site visit every 3 months per 6 computers
  • On-Site support at 20% reduction over “Ad Hoc Support”

Ideal for busy and critical environments

Ad Hoc Support

  • Pay as you use
  • Most flexible; No commitment
  • Full support options, including
  • On-site Support
  • Remote Support
  • Web Help Desk to report problems and ask questions
  • Reactive support – No guaranteed response time
  • Will respond as soon as staff are available

Guaranteed Hours

  • Paid monthly in advance
  • Commitment is for 3 months on a rolling basis
  • Minimum 2 hours per month commitment
  • Unused hours carried forward one month
  • Flexible; Reactive and Proactive support
  • Next day (Mon to Fri) guaranteed on-site response
  • Same day response “best endeavors”, with initial remote review
  • 15% reduction over “Ad Hoc Support”
  • Ideal for larger networks and/or with multiple applications

Managed Service

  • Required for networks that have one or more servers
  • Minimum term 3 months
  • Paid monthly in advance
  • Proactive Management on servers (includes email, disk space and broadband monitoring)
  • Same day (4 hour) (Mon to Fri) guaranteed response

Support above commitment level at agreed rate

Please note that all prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate – unfortunately we are obliged to charge VAT.

Call Out Charge

£40 for the first half an hour, which covers the coming to you and doing 30 minutes of support. If the problem takes longer to resolve, the next 30 minutes of support will cost £30. Prices after that as shown below.

 Support Hours

Type of Support


Additional Information

Ad Hoc Support
All Remote Support and On-Site Support after 1 hour.

£64 / hour

Max 15% uplift at evenings and weekends.

Guaranteed Hours

£55 / hour

£46 per hour for 5+ hours/month
Minimum 2 hours/month

Max 10% uplift evenings and weekends

Additional hours at £58

Max 10% uplift evenings and weekend

Remote Support

Type of Support

Number of Computers


Additional Information

Remote PC Support



On site support: £51/hour

Max 15% uplift evenings and weekends





Proactive Remote PC Support



On site support: £48/hour

Max 10% uplift evenings and weekends





Re-installing a Computer

This covers the cost of doing the work in our office, reinstalling Microsoft Office, anti-virus software and Windows patches, and then installing the computer onto the network so that it is communicating with the router and internet successfully and setting up printer and email connectivity.

Computer Re-build

With recovery partition


Without recover partition


Back-up and recovery of data

£55-90 depending on volume of data

Peer to peer connectivity

£20 for 1st device
      £10 for each extra device

Installation of extra software

£25 per package

 Webroot – Malware Protection 

Installation cost is free if part of a support call. Otherwise it is £10 for the 1st machine and £5 for each subsequent machine after that.


Webroot License – £40 per license

Off-Site Backup’s




NAS Servers/Month (active data)

Up to 100Gb


100Gb to 50Gb


Laptops and Desktops/Month

£8 / device

Archive Storage

Every 100Gb