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Do You Need Cyber Essentials Accreditation ?

RJS Consultants can provide assistance to those wanting to achieve a Cyber Essentials Certification under the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme.

The Cyber Essentials scheme is designed to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats and use best practice techniques to look after their network. This will provide confidence to your clients that their data is safe and secure when you hold it on your network.

It is rapidly becoming essential for companies to hold this or equivalent accreditations, in the same way that GDPR made a big impact during 2018 for holding and processing personal data. Unfortunately, no one is immune to cyber attacks, with many companies experiencing challenges to their networks in the past 12 months.

Cyber Essentials focuses on five major elements of an organisation’s defense system to protect against common forms of cyber-attacks. The five major controls are: 

Our team of experts can guide you through each control individually so that you achieve the Cyber Essentials accreditation. As with all our services, we are particularly mindful about how this requirement can be tailored for small or micro organisations.  

We can partner with you to provide this service in 3 different ways, depending on how much you want us to be involved in creating and formulating the necessary policies and completing the necessary documentation.

  1. Just providing a guidance document and the necessary templates for updating your network
  2. Providing guidance on how to fill in the documentation and the necessary changes to the cyber-related aspects of your network
  3. A joint effort to actually completing all the documentation and making the updates to your processes and procedures and the necessary protection updates on your network.

Once you have confirmed your security arrangements are to your requirements, the documents can be signed and submitted for accreditation.

Why Do You Need To Have Certification?

The value of having the Cyber Essentials accreditation is that it shows that you have thought about the consequences of a breach and have put procedures in place and erected barriers to keep the data secure – and have plans in place on how to quickly recover from any damage if a breach has evaded those controls that have been put in place.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to every possible cyber attack, and many companies have experienced attacks in the past 3 years – sometimes the breach is caused by an inadvertent click on a bad email, or clicking on a link on a website that causes software to be downloaded and installed on your computer. You won’t be the first person to have made this mistake, this can happen to anyone.

The other value is of course that your clients know that their data is as safe as it can be, and that you care about its’ safety. Some of your clients might insist on you having the accreditation.

We are offering this Cyber Essentials assistance to new and existing clients.

Please contact us by phone or email cyber.security@rjs-consultants.com and we will get back in touch with you.

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