Why you should switch to Exchange as soon as possible

Many small businesses use email from Gmail, Yahoo, BTInternet etc, and they have had many benefits – not least being that they are easy to set up, and are free. The only downside, has mostly been that they are a bit generic, rather than using the business name as a domain.

Other businesses have their own domain email, but are using the IMAP and POP types of mailboxes, which again are cheap and have been very easy to set up and use.

Unsecure Protocols

Unfortunately, as security has become an ever-growing requirement, these types of email are just not as secure as they used to be, and are no longer deemed “safe” by Cyber Security authorities.

RJS Consultants have, over the past 12 months, started to transition clients to more secure email (using Microsoft Exchange-style email), and where necessary have been able to help clients acquire their own domain.

What we will do

If you want to make your email more secure, and would like some assistance, RJS Consultants can help you make this an almost seamless transition.

There is obviously a small amount of work to be done on your computer and smartphone/tablet etc to access the re-located email, but RJS Consultants will do the work required to set it up and switch your current email to the new environment – and arrange to forward your current email to the new email if you have a new email address, so that you don’t miss any emails.

Yes, this updated approach to email is a little more expensive than the free or almost-free options. But what is the price of hacked and/or insecure email?

Costs and how to get started

The costs are actually not that high, and at RJS Consultants, we prize our ability to keep those costs down for you. Our clients are all small businesses and we understand that dynamic.

If you would like to look into Exchange email as an option for your business, please click the link below for details about us, contact us, and let’s see how we can help you.

Phone Call Scams – How to recognise them

We all receive phone calls from people telling you that they are from (BT, Microsoft, your Bank, the taxman, etc) and invariably they are scams. But how can you tell?

(And please forward this article to any less technical, and/or elderly friends or family, as they are often the unfortunate victims. BUT….. not always. We have had solicitor and acountant clients who have been caught out.)

These scammers need to get onto your computer to get their crooked and sticky fingers on your details. And they do this by persuading you to download software (often TeamViewer, LogmeIn or more recently AnyDesk).

At this point STOP. Do NOT do it. DO NOT give them access. It only takes them a few seconds to suck all the details that they want off your computer.

Please read our detailed article for more details.

If you have been scammed, we give advice on what to do, and how to become safe again.

And Beware…… the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) routines are getting better at fooling you. We also have advice on how to spot a computer impersonating somebody that you know.

btconnect email changes – and how it affects you

Did you know that btconnect.com emails can no longer be accessed through the Outlook email software?

BT have been warning people for ages that they would rather people stop using their btconnect email. Well now they have gone to the next stage by preventing you from accessing it from within Outlook. Instead, it is now browser access only, via http://outlook.office.com  and enter your btconnect email address and the password.


If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at 01923-254302, or 01444-812412

Client Worth

Do you know how much each of your clients contributes to your profit?

Do you know if any of your clients are not currently making you any money?

These might sound like obvious questions, but many businesses do not know the breakdown of their costs down to a level where they can answer them.

RJS Consultants have developed a simple application that will enable you (with the help of your staff) to enter a range of information that will give you some fundamental details about how much time is being spent on each client, and thereby enable you to calculate their profitability.

More details will be added to this page in the coming days and weeks, as we get close to our launch date in August 2022.

To be kept updated about the Application, and to be one of the first to take advantage of the benefits that will accrue from using it, please email client-worth@rjs-consultants.com with your name, details about your company and also any questions that you may have.

KPI Database

RJS Consultants have successfully delivered the first phase of a KPI Database to one of their major clients; This phase allows all the staff to assign the hours that they have worked to their respective clients. The Database Application, which is both web-based and Windows based, monitors that staff have entered their working hours, and if not entered, an email is automatically sent reminding them of their omission.

The second phase is now under construction to calculate a client’s profitability.

This project joins other Database projects that we that delivered to clients in the past which have enabled them to manage their data, record information about their activities and create relevant reports to help manage that business.

For further details about how RJS Consultants could help your business with a Database, please contact Nigel at 01923-254302, and he’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements.