Anti-Virus Software and Phishing

One of the most important parts of your computer software is the Anti Virus protection.  This is your first line of defence from a variety of scammers and con artists, whose sole aim is to upload malicious software to   your device, with a view to harvesting your personal details for their own financial gain. 

Phishing is one such tactic used by online scammers and criminals who try to trick users into clicking onto websites or links that are not legitimate.  They attempt to fool the user into downloading malware, by clicking on a fraudulent link or by directing the user to a dodgy website.  

As users such as yourself become more aware of the risks, where even the most seasoned us of us can be fooled, the scammers in turn are increasingly trying more sophisticated ways to acquire your personal information.   The best way to beat the scammers is to have the most up to date Anti Viral Software Package you can. 

At RJS we are constantly monitoring the way in which scammers and con artists work and our Anti Virus Software Package contains a specific module to deal with phishing emails.  For an additional sum of just £1.50 per month (above the anti viral software package amount) the Internet Protection Module will intercept the link you are trying to click on, preventing you from accidentally downloading any malicious content.  Whilst no company can guarantee your computer 100%, our software package will go a long way in offering you real protection from the scammers. 

If you would like more information on how we are taking on the scammers, please do call us the above numbers.   Our business has been around for twenty years, when the internet was in its infancy and online scammers were few and far between.  We pride ourselves on the advice we offer and innovative approach we take to all your IT requirements. 

Open during Lockdown

RJS Consultants are open during the current lockdown and are providing both remote support and giving telephones advice for technology issues. We are experienced with handling most types of problems, and we have the tools that are necessary to resolve most issues.

Who are RJS Consultants?

We offer all the technology services that any small company needs to be able to concentrate on their business whilst RJS Consultants look after the computers, networks, and the tools running on that equipment that the business requires.

This could be a long list, but in summary here goes:

  • Virus/Malware Protection and prevention – users going to sites on the internet that the business wants to avoid
  • Acquisition of Software – In addition to the standard stuff like Microsoft software, there are also tools from Adobe, Bluebeam, Sage, Intuit, as well as business-specific software.  We liaise with vendors to ensure that the hardware necessary for the software is available.
  • Acquisition of Hardware – We can acquire, deliver, and implement all the technology equipment that may be required – computers, network equipment, components. As part of this, we help to determine what is required that meets the client’s needs rather than what the vendors will suggest.
  • Liaison with vendors – we can liaise with vendors, and in particular the network providers to help get the best value. Because we do this for a number of clients, we know what is reasonable and what questions to ask to get the best options.

How do we provide Support?

A lot of our support is done remotely, using technology tools to access a computer or other device from our offices, see the issue and almost always resolve it without needing to make a visit. Some problems can only be solved by being on-site, but these are very much in the minority – probably over 95% of issues can be solved remotely.
The benefits of Remote Support are numerous, but the most obvious is that it can be immediate, without the need to check diaries, or travel to visit a client.
And some of the tools that we use to help support our clients provide management consoles that we can use to monitor the health of the hardware or software without needing to visit or actually get onto the remote computer.

What are do we cover?

We have now got 2 offices, in Watford and Burgess Hill. We cover an area that is roughly a 15-mile radius from Watford, and a 10-mile radius from Burgess Hill.  But we do go further afield, with clients dotted around the countryside (and even different countries) where they have been clients, moved, and retained our services.

Our office in Watford is fully set up with diagnostic equipment, spare parts, and tools to help us support our clients. Our office in Burgess Hill is primarily a hub from which we can support our local clients, both remotely and on-site if required. As the business in the each area grows, so the offices will grow to meet the demand. Our staff can provide remote support to clients from either office, giving us the flexibility to provide assistance as quickly as possible.