Phone Call Scams – How to recognise them

We all receive phone calls from people telling you that they are from (BT, Microsoft, your Bank, the taxman, etc) and invariably they are scams. But how can you tell?

(And please forward this article to any less technical, and/or elderly friends or family, as they are often the unfortunate victims. BUT….. not always. We have had solicitor and acountant clients who have been caught out.)

These scammers need to get onto your computer to get their crooked and sticky fingers on your details. And they do this by persuading you to download software (often TeamViewer, LogmeIn or more recently AnyDesk).

At this point STOP. Do NOT do it. DO NOT give them access. It only takes them a few seconds to suck all the details that they want off your computer.

Please read our detailed article for more details.

If you have been scammed, we give advice on what to do, and how to become safe again.

And Beware…… the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) routines are getting better at fooling you. We also have advice on how to spot a computer impersonating somebody that you know.

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