Web Browsers

Accessing the internet is straightforward using popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer, which was lovingly used a few years ago has now been superseded by Microsoft Edge.

There is a common feeling that there is little difference between browsers. After all, they all fundamentally do the same thing – display the contents of a website.

But there are differences. Each has its’ own preference for searching the internet.

And whilst Safari is loaded by default onto all Apple devices, and Google Chrome is loaded as a default on Android-based mobile phones and additionally onto many computers, Edge is only loaded by default onto Windows-based computers.

Determining the best browser to use depends on individual needs, and the website being accessed, as each browser has its unique benefits and drawbacks.

Many people use Google Chrome as their web browser on both Windows and Apple devices, preferring it to the more native product. It is quick and easy to download, and because most people confuse “Google Chrome” the browser with the Google Search engine available in any browser using the URL https://google.co.uk, Google does have the edge.

Even in everyday language, it is quite common to ask “Have you Googled it?”

RJS Consultants recommends the use of Google Chrome as the browser of choice due to the ease of use and superiority of the search engine, but also recommends having a second browser available for those websites that might be tuned to work better on something other than Google Chrome, or those situations when you might want a different search engine to get a different set of results for a question. For more details, thoughts or assistance, please contact us on 01923 254302.

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