RJS Consultants can order and install PC’s for you, including the installation of your business software.

We have put together some great packages, that enables us to supply a full computer environment, and frees up your staff to help create value for your business. This support can be for as little as 3 hours a month, or as much as you need.

We take great care to protect your systems and PC network from virus and spyware – and can clean PC’s should they become infected.

We have a partner status with some high profile vendors:

  • Dell, who give us access to great deals and delivery capability on your behalf.
  • HP, which we generally use for printers, as they are (in our opinion) the best available and supportable.
  • Netgear, Offer 2 years warranty on the vast majority of their equipment, which we so rarely find problems with.
  • Symantec, who with their Symantec Protection Suite offer server and network management, including spam and virus control as well as major network overview.
  • McAfee, who we have found to provide the best anti-virus software on standalone computers. Everybody has their own opinion, which we respect, and we will work with whichever vendors a client would like to use. But if asked for a recommendation, we will opt for McAfee.
  • Avast, who are a secondary anti-virus software package, particularly good in the “free” anti-virus arena.


These are not necessarily always the cheapest option available – but they do together provide the most reliable networks, and in the environment that you work, that is extremely important.

Please contact us for more information.