Computer Service- Like an MOT!

As time goes by, computers (like all cars) collect a lot of rubbish that can slow them down. On the computer, this can be quite a gradual process, but it does cause delays and wear out.

Moreover, like cars, a regular service keeps it running smoothly. The general computer, with average use, should be cleaned each year, or if heavily used a 6-month interval clean could help.

RJS Consultants have created a service that is available to its clients called the “Computer MOT” in which a thorough clean of the computer is performed, including:

  • The Windows internal areas
  • The temporary files that have accumulated
  • Startup routines that are unnecessary and slow down the computer when you turn it on.
  • Scheduled activity that is unnecessary
  • Removing software that you don’t need any more
  • Removing software that has downloaded even though you didn’t specifically ask for it
  • Internet settings that slow down the access to the Internet.
  • Checking the computer history for evidence of problems that need sorting out.
  • Update drivers from vendors