Why not let RJS Consultants look at your systems, discuss what you need from IT and make suggestions on how to get from your current situation to the desired state.

Do you have good backups of your computers? This is so important for you. Perhaps not right now, because the computers are working … But what would happen if one of them failed? Could you recover the data?

Do you have adequate internet access, and email capability. These are the oxygen and lifeblood of many companies.

These are the very standard types of questions that we would start with and then depending on your requirements, delve further, looking at the system and computer needs that your business might require.

We have experience of upgrading from small office PC to Server 2003, and use the Small Business Server offerings from Microsoft. These may be difficult projects to those who don’t work with IT all the time – but it need not cost a fortune to make the transition.

If desired, RJS Consultants can manage the transformation as well as a rigorous network that supports your business. We strongly and firmly belive that computer systems support the business – not the other way round.