RJS Remote Support

Remote Pc Support

  • Paid monthly in advance
  • Commitment is for 3 months on a rolling basis
  • Minimum 1 computer
  • Includes support of 1 handheld per computer
  • Equivalent of 3 remote support calls per computer per month
  • Reactive support
  • Flexible; “Just Call”; No checking how long support takes *
  • Same day (Mon to Fri) remote support
  • On-Site support at 15% reduction over “Ad Hoc Support”
  • Ideal for users who regularly need occasional “quick” help

Proactive Remote Pc Support

Same as “Remote Support” PLUS

  • Proactive support
  • One review per PC every 3 months
  • Proactive tracking of problems relevant to client
  • Includes one 1 hour site visit every 3 months per 6 computers
  • On-Site support at 20% reduction over “Ad Hoc Support”

Ideal for busy and critical environments