Setting up IMAP or POP Email Addresses on MS Outlook

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Document Objective

This document explains how to set up a new email address on Microsoft Outlook using the control panel.

Document Summary

The setup should take approximately 5-15 minutes.

Document Detail

This document describes two ways of accessing your mailbox.  IMAP and POP.  Please read our knowledgebase article on the differences between the 3 different types of the mailbox.  There is a separate document that explains how to use Outlook to access an Exchange mailbox.

  • IMAP
    • All email is stored on the server
    • You will need archiving if the mailbox gets full
    • Best to use if you are planning to access the mailbox on multiple devices
  • POP3
    • All email is downloaded and removed from the server after a set amount of days (Default is 14 days)
    • All emails are stored on the main computer that the mailbox is set up on
    • Can be accessed from multiple devices but there is no synchronizing between them
    • Best used if you are only using a computer and are expecting large, or a large number of emails

Once you have decided the type of email you want we want to set the email up.

Note: This can be done within Outlook, but there are situations that do not work then the mailbox is setup within Outlook.

Open ‘Control Panel’, and click on the control panel icon.

On the ‘View By’ option, change it to ‘small icons’.

Click on ‘Mail’.  (It may be different depending on your software, but always says ‘mail’)

Click on Email Accounts

Then click on ‘New’ on the left-hand side.

Click on ‘Manual setup or additional server types‘ then click next.

Choose ‘POP or IMAP’ then click next.

Fill in the information we provide you once your account has been activated.

Your name (e.g. Joe Bloggs)

Your email address (e.g.

Account type – the account type you chose (POP3 or IMAP)

Incoming/Outgoing mail server – the email server information provided (e.g.

Login information – Username is your email address

Click on more settings…

In the Outgoing Server tab, tick the box next to ‘My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication

For IMAP please do the below:

In Advanced

Change the Incoming server (IMAP) to 143 and change the Outgoing server (SMTP) to 587

For POP email please follow the below:

Change the Incoming server (POP) to 110 and change the Outgoing server (SMTP) to 25

Then make sure on both types (IMAP and POP) encrypted connection is selected as ‘None’.

Click OK.

Click next.

It is here the connection to the server will be tested and a test email sent to your mailbox.

If there are any issues, it is possible that the information entered in the Add Account screen may be incorrect (e.g. the server, or your password) however if everything is correct, there should be no issues.  Open up MS Outlook and your email will be ready to use.

If you require any assistance please contact RJS Consultants on 01923 254302.

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