Update Email settings on iPad or iPhone

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This document describes the steps required to change the Inbound and Outbound Server details on an iPad or iPhone as a result of the email server certificate having been renewed.
It applies to everyone that has had a message that their server cannot be verified.


It takes approximately 5 minutes to follow these instructions to make a change to the settings on the iPad or iPhone.
You will need one piece of information specific to your email (the specific mail server name), and this will be sent to you if you email helpdesk@rjs-consultants.com asking for it. It will look like mail zzz .extendcp.co.uk
If you have inadvertently tried to re-enter your password and you have mis-remembered it, then we can also text or WhatsApp your password to you (we prefer to do that to maintain the security of your email password).

Please download the document to follow the instructions

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