Anti-Virus Software and Phishing

One of the most important parts of your computer software is the Anti Virus protection.  This is your first line of defence from a variety of scammers and con artists, whose sole aim is to upload malicious software to   your device, with a view to harvesting your personal details for their own financial gain. 

Phishing is one such tactic used by online scammers and criminals who try to trick users into clicking onto websites or links that are not legitimate.  They attempt to fool the user into downloading malware, by clicking on a fraudulent link or by directing the user to a dodgy website.  

As users such as yourself become more aware of the risks, where even the most seasoned us of us can be fooled, the scammers in turn are increasingly trying more sophisticated ways to acquire your personal information.   The best way to beat the scammers is to have the most up to date Anti Viral Software Package you can. 

At RJS we are constantly monitoring the way in which scammers and con artists work and our Anti Virus Software Package contains a specific module to deal with phishing emails.  For an additional sum of just £1.50 per month (above the anti viral software package amount) the Internet Protection Module will intercept the link you are trying to click on, preventing you from accidentally downloading any malicious content.  Whilst no company can guarantee your computer 100%, our software package will go a long way in offering you real protection from the scammers. 

If you would like more information on how we are taking on the scammers, please do call us the above numbers.   Our business has been around for twenty years, when the internet was in its infancy and online scammers were few and far between.  We pride ourselves on the advice we offer and innovative approach we take to all your IT requirements. 

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